Mentor Checklist

Getting Started Checklist for Mentors

Mentors, please review this checklist to guide you through your Mentor/Mentee relationships.

  1. Introduce yourself to them as soon as possible after accepting the role of mentor and before arranging the first meeting.
  2. Request for the Mentee to email a brief bio (just a few paragraphs) prior to the first meeting.
  3. Consider your own experiences and background and reflect on areas of common interest and experience.
  4. After reading the Mentee's communications, jot down a few curious questions that you can use as conversation starters in the first session.
  5. Identify options in your calendar for regular mentor meetings or conversations so you can offer dates and times for future sessions during your first conversation.
  6. Suggest a date and time for your first meeting or conversation, specifying both the starting and ending time for the conversation.
  7. If you are planning to meet in person, choose a safe, public location. (Remember to plan sufficient transit time into your schedule if you are meeting away from your office.)
  8. Start and end your first session on time to establish a good boundary with your Mentee.
  9. Convey your enthusiasm and make a personal connection via the tone of your email or phone communication. (e.g. "I look forward to getting to know you.") This will help relieve your Mentee of fears that he may be inconveniencing you.
  10. Follow up after the first session with a warm note of encouragement.
  11. Follow up immediately after the mentoring session with any actions to which you have agreed. Don't delay, as it is more likely to slip your mind as days pass.
  12. Confirm the date, time and location of the next mentoring conversation.

If you have any questions during your enrollment process or during the mentoring engagement, please review our FAQs or contact us via email.