Terms and Conditions

Please read the following terms and conditions and make sure you understand them before accepting to become a mentor for APHA Mentor Match.

Confidentiality. All information and content shared between APHA and mentee will remain confidential.

Commitment. The Mentee will be notified through email when a request for a mentor is accepted or declined. Mentee agrees to receive educational and developmental advice. The mentee will be provided expertise in their respective fields(s) and advice from a fellow APHA member.

Length of Relationship. This mentor/mentee relationships will last for six (6) months. However, either party reserves the right to discontinue the relationship for any reason provided the terminating party notifies the other or APHA staff. If the mentor and mentee agree, the relationship can continue beyond six (6) months outside of APHA Mentor Match but it must be ended within Mentor Match.